Web Posting of 2020-2021 Benjamin ISD Adopted Budget

2020-2021 Web Posting Adopted Budget

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Benjamin ISD Proposed Budget for 2020-2021


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Updated Return To School Plan

Return To School Plan 2020-2021

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Start of School 2020-2021

First Day of School (2020-2021)

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Benjamin ISD Title IX Non-Discrimination Policy Information

Benjamin ISD's Title IX non-discrimination coordinator is Interim-Superintendent Gordon Thomas. The District prohibits discrimination, including…

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Student Handbook 2020-2021

Student Handbook (2020-2021)

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Extracurricular Code of Conduct 2020-2021

Extracurricular Code of Conduct (2020-2021)

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Student Code of Conduct 2020-2021

Student Code of Conduct (2020-2021)

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