There are a variety of sports for students to join throughout the year. Look below to see all that Benjamin Offers.

Our community-focused district is dedicated to instilling a strong work ethic in our students. We do this by teaching our students that in order to become a champion one has to sacrifice time and comfort. Nothing worth achieving comes easy.


Lady Stangs come together more than ever for the love of the game. A strong team, strong friendship and a whole lot of heart.


The worlds favorite past time. The Mustangs run, jump and
throw for victory.


A group of Mustangs out to prove themselves glorious on the field. Building a family type of bound that cannot be broken.

Cross Country

Every runner’s favorite activity and a bonding experience. A good way for
students to learn to push themselves past what they ever thought possible.


A team driven sport that our Mustangs love to play. Basketball builds a strong sense of teamwork. you have to pass to win.

MUSTANG GEAR Support them stangs!

The best way to spread some Mustang cheer is to wear our purple and white Mustang gear. Nothing motivates encourages and builds community better than showing support. By wearing BISD clothes you directly boost school & community spirit.

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